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Specializing in Container and Small Space Gardens

I love the work I do.

It is a joy to create beauty for clients with plantings that will last throughout the season. Many of the perennial combinations will keep going for years.

Companion Plantings is a small, specialty container garden service. We cater to people who want high quality and excellent maintenance. We work hard to create designs that will be long lasting as well as beautiful


We Come To You

We are a small company that delivers quick response and personalized, quality service and care of your containers.

Professionally Educated

Our horticultural training is the backbone of our plantings and allows us to create gardens of exceptional beauty.


We plant varieties that look and work well together resulting in gardens that thrive and last.

Proven Track Record

We have discerning clients and our work and expertise has been featured in national publications.

About Leigh

Hello!  My name is Leigh Barnes and I am the owner/operator of Companion Plantings.  Originally from Charlotte, NC., I have lived in Baltimore since 1964.  I have the following experience:
  • I have a BS degree in Horticulture from Univ of MD College Park – 1995
  • Worked as a gardener at the National Arboretum 1994-1995
  • I also worked as a greenhouse assistant at Kurt Bluemel, Inc same time frame
  • I am a past president of the Maryland Horticultural Society

Photos of my work have been published in Style Magazine, and Gardens Decks & Landscapes.

I have also written articles for magazines such as Chesapeake Home, Garden Design, Gardens Decks & Landscapes (a division of Home and Garden Magazine), and People, Places & Plants.
I started Companion Plantings after graduating from the University of Maryland in 1995.

At Foxborough our garden creations are defined by the finishing touches that bring the gardens together and create an ever-changing seasonal feeling for our clients.  One integral part of these designs is the addition of numerous flower containers in and around our garden sitting areas and verandas.

The key to accomplishing these garden settings is to use a company with the talent and ability to put together breathtaking plantings for any time of the year.  We have that in Leigh Barnes, owner of Companion Plantings.  Leigh and her staff take pride in long lasting combinations that emphasize textural contrast and vibrant color combinations and they maintain these plantings to a high standard.  This is a labor of love that is enjoyed by everyone.

Thank you, Leigh, for what you do.  Your container gardens are the best! 

David Thompson

President, Foxborough Nursery

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